Arabic–English Thematic Lexicon

معجم انجليزي عـربي مرتـب حسب المواضيــع Arabic–English Thematic Lexicon

معجم انجليزي عــربي مرتــب حــسب المــواضيــع

Arabic–English Thematic Lexicon
The Arabic–English Thematic Lexicon is an invaluable resource for all learners of Arabic.
It contains some 8,000 entries, arranged into themes, including flora and fauna, food and drink, the human body, health care, the family, housing, clothing, education, IT, sports, politics,economics and commerce, the law, media, language, geography, travel, religion, arts, science and natural resources. Three appendices cover the names of Arab and selected non-Arab regions, countries and capitals, and international organisations.
The entries in the Lexicon have been drawn from an extensive corpus of contemporary Standard Arabic vocabulary, based on authentic sources. In addition to verbs, nouns and adjectives, the Lexicon includes phrases and commonly used collocations, providing users with the necessary vocabulary in order to communicate effectively and confidently in both writtenand spoken Standard Arabic.
The Lexicon is an indispensable vocabulary-building tool, as well as a useful reference guide.

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