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A Programmed Course in Modern Literary Arabic Phonology Script


Programmed Course in Modern Literary Arabic Phonology Script

This course is designed to teach the non-Arabic speaker to read printed Arabic, to write Arabic with “a pleasing hand,” to distinguish accurately the phonological contrasts of modern literary Arabic, and to pronounce it in a manner easily comprehensible to Arabs. Dialogs and proverbs are included for reading practice; grammatical structures are not dealt with. The course may serve as an introduction to, or be used concurrently with, a basic course. Typical lessons present a set of letters related in form, plus certain auxiliary signs. For each letter or sign there are three sections: (1) its pronunciation value, with explanations and drills if it differs from or is lacking in English; (2) the various shapes of this letter in its printed form and drills in reading it; and (3) the written forms of the letter, also with practice drills. At the end of each unit there are review drills for the unit as a whole. The material is presented usually one small feature at a time, and the student proceeds at his own rate. Pronunciation features are recorded on tape as well as described phonetically. Answers to oral drills are on tape; written answers are given in the left margin of the following page.

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The Arabic Alphabet: How to Read And Write It
 The Arabic Alphabet: How to Read & Write It

Ever larger numbers of people are starting to learn Arabic, while even more have some contact with the Arab world. Anyone who wishes to learn the language faces a hitherto formidable initial problem: the alphabet. This book proceeds step by step through all the letters of the Arabic alphabet, showing the sounds they stand for and how they are combined into words. Nothing essential is left out, but no unnecessary complications are added. Readers will find that progress is rapid and will be surprised at the relative ease with which they master the first steps in learning this increasingly important world language. The Arabic Alphabet — How to Read and Write It belongs on the desk of every student of the language, in the luggage of every visitor to the Middle East, in the briefcase of all business people with Arab clients, and in the back pocket of all employees of British or American companies working for a time in an Arab country.

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Printable Arabic Learning Materials from


Printable Arabic Learning Materials from
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Over 40 pdf file for your children to learn in a fun way the Arabic Alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, writing practice and games

You can use these writing practice sheets in a few different ways:

➢ Print them off and have your child trace the letters. For children who
already have worked with the tracing pages, print off the pages with
boxes and have them write the letters themselves for practice.




The Key to Arabic – Book 1

The Key to Arabic - Book 1 مفتــاح القراءة و الكــتابة

 The Key to Arabic – Book 1 مفتــاح القراءة و الكــتابة

The Key to Arabic Book One adopts an innovative method in teaching the skills of reading and writing Arabic to absolute beginners from a broad age range by using a gradual, assimilative phonic approach. Extensive written exercises give students ample opportunity to put into practice the skills they have learned, enabling them to build up confidence in reading and writing vocalised Arabic text.
The various vowel sounds and other markings are colour coded to assist the reader further. The book concludes with some short passages of dialogue to help the learner begin to develop
confidence in speaking.