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Teach Yourself Books:Colloquial Arabic ( Egyptian Arabic )

Teach Yourself Books: Colloquial Arabic
By  T.T.Mitchell

This book has been prepared for those who wish to make everyday use of the living language of modern Egypt and for those who would like to add a colloquial Arabic to their knowledge of languages. Its subject is Cairene Arabic, the form of Egyptian colloquial Arabic spoken in Cairo which sets the standards for modern Egyptian usage

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Author: T.T.Mitchell / Date: 1962 / PDF (34,5 MB) – 123 pages Languages: English – Egyptian Arabic

Najdi Arabic: Central Arabian


Najdi Arabic: Central Arabian

The region of Najd in Central Arabia has always been regarded as inaccessible, ringed by a belt of sand deserts, the Nafud, Dahana and the Rub’ al-Khali and often with its population at odds with the rulers of the outer settled lands. It is however the centre of a purely Arabian culture based on a partnership between bedouin camel husbandry and settled palm cultivation. Possibly as a result of overpopulation the bedouin have periodically spread over into the lands of the Fertile Crescent. Because of their isolated position the Najdi dialect is of a very interesting and archaic type showing very little non-Arabic influence, which has led to the reputation of the Arabian bedouin as preservers of the original Classical form and considerable prestige being attached to the Najdi type. Consequently the region is a powerhouse of dialect influence so that Najdi based dialects are spoken all along the Gulf Coast and throughout most of the Syrian Desert.

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Arabische Dialektgeographie: Eine Einfuhrung


Arabische Dialektgeographie: Eine Einfuhrung (Handbook of Oriental Studies/Handbuch Der Orientalistik)

This volume is the first comprehensive and systematic description of the dialect geography of the Arabic language which investigates the methods and insights developed in the European context and how these can be applied to the domain of Arabic. It also deals briefly with the problems of the historical development of the modern Arabic dialects. With the help of 112 maps it examines topics such as types of maps, interpretation of maps, areal norms and their significance for Arabic and defining dialect borders. For the first time dialectometrical procedures are applied to Arabic dialects. It can be used as a practical introduction into Arabic dialect geography because in addition it discusses extensively methods of designing dialect geography maps a investigational techniques in the field.


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Iraqi Dialect Familiarization Course

Iraqi Dialect Familiarization Course

Iraqi Dialect Familiarization Course


This is a 180 page Course book and exercises plus a separate 36 page Glossary to learn the Iraqi Dialect.  “The main objective of this course it to save lives.  The course evolves around interaction and communication in the Iraqi Dialect that forms an integral part of the US mission in Iraq.”  There are illustrations, photos, the Arabic alphabet, numbers and words written in Arabic, and English with pronunciations and much more.  

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Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives : A Proficiency-Oriented Approach

Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives : A Proficiency-Oriented Approach
Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives : A Proficiency-Oriented Approach

This textbook is for beginning students of Arabic who are seeking to develop communicative oral skills in colloquial Levantine Arabic , the dialect used in Jerusalem and in contemporary Syria , Lebanon , Jordan , and Palestine/Israel . It is the first textbook for colloquial Arabic developed according to the principles of the proficiency movement in foreign language teaching , in which the emphasis is placed on the use of meaningful drills , activities that are appropiate to the context in which the language will be spoken , and a balance between linguistic accuracy , and active use of the language . The first half of the teacher’s manual is devoted to a series of “functions” that focus on specific spoken activities , such as greetings , identifying objects , or asking for information . Each function is accompanied by explication , classroom activities , and sugestions for other activities both in and out of the classroom . The second part provides a series of ten situations in which passages in the colloquial dialect , mostly in the form of narratives , are intended to take the students beyond the level of basic communications to a more descriptive and narrative mode . The text is accompanied by charts and glossaries . A set of audio tapes is keyed to the individual functions and situations . The second part of the teacher’s manual is available as a separate book for student use . Levantine Arabic may be used as the ‘Primary text’ for a course designed exclusively to teach colloquial Arabic , or in conjunction with beginning and intermediate courses in Modern Standard Arabic .

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Author: Mr. Lutfi Hussein  Publisher: Yale University Press / Publication date: 1993 PDF: 13 MB (Instructor’s manual) 357 Pages  PDF: 7.5 MB (Student’s book) 123 Pages
Language English Arabic (Transliteration only)
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