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Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives : A Proficiency-Oriented Approach

Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives : A Proficiency-Oriented Approach
Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives : A Proficiency-Oriented Approach

This textbook is for beginning students of Arabic who are seeking to develop communicative oral skills in colloquial Levantine Arabic , the dialect used in Jerusalem and in contemporary Syria , Lebanon , Jordan , and Palestine/Israel . It is the first textbook for colloquial Arabic developed according to the principles of the proficiency movement in foreign language teaching , in which the emphasis is placed on the use of meaningful drills , activities that are appropiate to the context in which the language will be spoken , and a balance between linguistic accuracy , and active use of the language . The first half of the teacher’s manual is devoted to a series of “functions” that focus on specific spoken activities , such as greetings , identifying objects , or asking for information . Each function is accompanied by explication , classroom activities , and sugestions for other activities both in and out of the classroom . The second part provides a series of ten situations in which passages in the colloquial dialect , mostly in the form of narratives , are intended to take the students beyond the level of basic communications to a more descriptive and narrative mode . The text is accompanied by charts and glossaries . A set of audio tapes is keyed to the individual functions and situations . The second part of the teacher’s manual is available as a separate book for student use . Levantine Arabic may be used as the ‘Primary text’ for a course designed exclusively to teach colloquial Arabic , or in conjunction with beginning and intermediate courses in Modern Standard Arabic .

I would love to see some nice person post the audio tapes accompanying this …. if not , I will try to do this myself gradually . Once again , thanks to the original uploader .


NOTE: Audio 1 to 3 are missing
Author: Mr. Lutfi Hussein  Publisher: Yale University Press / Publication date: 1993 PDF: 13 MB (Instructor’s manual) 357 Pages  PDF: 7.5 MB (Student’s book) 123 Pages
Language English Arabic (Transliteration only)
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A Course in Levantine Arabic

A Course in Levantine Arabic

A Course in Levantine Arabic
by Ernest McCarus, Handi Qafisheh, Raji Rammuny. 1978. 335 pages.

Course in Levantine Arabic was first prepared in 1974 and then revised in 1978. The revised edition incl udes a few additions, corrections and reorganization of some of the materials, particularly the glossaries of the last five units.
The present revision, like the first edition, is designed for college students and business and government employees who intend to use Levantine Arabic for travel , business or government service. Although the dialect taught here can be used and clearly understood in Beirut and Damascus, it represents basically the Pal estihian dial ect as spoken in Jerusalem. Wemuststress here that the dial ect taught is not pure Jerusalemdial ect, and reflects recent borrowings from both rural Palestinian dialects and literary Arabic. For this reason, alternative pronunciation of some words and expressions are provided where necessary.


Cours d’Arabe Parle Palestinien Volume 1

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Cours D’Arabe Parle Palestinien Volume 1

Cours D'Arabe Parle Palestinien Volume 1

. Dialecte de Jérusalem avec des références à d’autres dialectes palestiniens, volume 1

Author: Moin Halloun / Publisher: L’Asiatheque 
Publication date: 1995Number of pages: 283
Format: PDF – scanned ; MP3
Size: BOOK (68 MB) ; MP3 (160 MB)

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Cours D’Arabe Parlé Palestinien Volume 2

Cours d’arabe parle palestinien, volume 2

Cours d’arabe parle palestinien, volume 2

Author: M. Halloun / Publisher: L’Asiatheque
Language: French, Eastern (Palestinian) Arabic
date: 1996 / pages: 222 / PDF / 11 MB

Le second tome présuppose une solide connaissance de base de la langue et vise à élargir les capacités de communication de l’étudiant. Cet ouvrage, qui se réfère aux tableaux de conjugaison présentés dans le premier volume, insiste sur les textes : courts récits, évocations du quotidien, histoires plaisantes repris en fin de volume en traduction française et en écriture arabe.

L’édition française a été établie avec la collaboration de Muriel Némérovski

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Cours D’Arabe Parle Palestinien Volume 1


Defense Language Institute: Arabic Syrian Course

Defense Language Institute: Arabic Syrian Course
Publication date: 1983 / Number of pages: ca 2000
The Defense Language Institute’s basic course for the Syrian dialect of Arabic. If you work through it, you’ll get a firm grip on the fundamentals of this dialect. Despite it’s name, however, it is not for the total newbie. Syrian dialect is taught by contrasting it to MSA, so a basic command and understanding of MSA grammar is essential. It also uses the Arabic script from the start, no transliterations. The PDFs are legible, but not outstanding – therefore you’d better be sure of your Arabic alphabet.