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Langues Pour Tous – Arabe en 40 leçons MP3

Langues Pour Tous – Arabe en 40 leçons [Languages For All – Arabic in 40 lessons]
Author: Boutros Hallaq

This is the audio support, ripped from 3 cassettes, of Langues Pour Tous – Arabe en 40 leçons.
This book was later published with the title Parlez arabe en 40 leçons: no change in the text as far as I know, but the typography is much improved and the text much readable. Among other reasons, it’s why I decided not to scan the old book. But a scan of a more recent edition would be welcome.

Format: mp3 (ripped from cassettes, but good quality)
Size: 166 MB / Publisher: Presses Pocket  / Publication date: 1998?

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A Dictionary of Arabic Grammar In Charts And Tables


A Dictionary of Arabic Grammar In Charts And Tables
Great reference and study guide to Arabic grammar, by Antoine El-Dahdah.

معجم قواعد اللغة العربية في جداول ولوحات زائد مسرد بالمصطلحات عربي إنكليزي فرنسي

المؤلف Antoine Dahdah  أنطوان الدحداح  Author :  | المحقق: جورج متري عبد المسيح  Lebanon Library  مكتبة لبنان 

 Publish date:1996 |  Size عدد الصفحات: 368  | الحجم: 12
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Unified Medical Dictionary English-French-Arabic


Unified Medical Dictionary / Dictionnaire Médical Unifié
القاموس الطبي الموحد


Operating system: PC Windows Languages: English / Arabic / French Size: 195.rar/ MB
Format: Searchable CD-ROM
Publisher Information: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION 2005

اكبر قاموس طبي لكل التخصصات الطبية (طب بشري – بيطري – صيدلة – أسنان – تمريض ) مدعم بكم هائل من الصور والمفاجاة الكبرى انه من منظمة الصحة العالمية ويمكنك الترجمة بين ثلاث لغات (العربية والانجليزية والفرنسية )

The Unified Medical Dictionary (UMD) is a Multilingual Medical Dictionary, which was originally compiled in the late 1960s and early 1970s on response to a recommendation of the Arab Medical Union. Subsequently, two further editions were issued, the last of which (UMD third edition, 1983) included French terms.
The Council of Arab Health Ministers then asked WHO/EMRO to update the previous edition. An editorial committee of experts was set up with Dr M.H. Khayat as the rapporteur to further verify and enrich the Unified Medical Dictionary on a regular basis. In the late 1980s Dr Khayat took the initiative to prepare a fourth comprehensive edition covering the widest range possible of medical terminology to be made available for users.Read more

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Manuel d’arabe algerien moderne [Audio Book]

Manuel d’arabe Algerien moderne Audio Book
Tapiero-Busine /Klincksieck / 2002 / mp3 / 123 MB

Le manuel d’arabe algérien moderne est organisé en 30 leçons comportant chacune – hormis les 3 premières qui servent d’introduction – texte, vocabulaire, grammaire, exercices de conversation et d’application, et thème.
Même si, à chaque début de leçon, le texte en caractères latins est précédé de son équivalent en caractères arabes, il n’est pas indispensable au lecteur de se préoccuper de l’acquisition de cet alphabet, la méthode étant fondée sur la transcription phonétique.
Un important glossaire et 15 dialogues entre Maghrébins sur la vie des immigrés permettent à l’apprenant de se familiariser avec le vocabulaire moderne.
Un enregistrement de ces leçons est disponible en disque compact.

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