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Arabic School Software بــرنــامج المدرسة العربية


Arabic School Software بــرنــامج المدرسة العربية
Arabic School”  is a product of Mugrun Software. It’s an interactive multimedia learning tool created to help kids learn the Arabic Language in an effective yet fun and easy way. The tool comes in a series of programs each one is tailored to a specific age group. The one you are reviewing now is called Elementary Level – First Grade. It represents the spearhead of the series.

Key Benefits

Arabic School provides a complete curriculum, not just the language. It consists of five modules: The Alphabet, The Numbers, Words and Spelling, Shapes and Sizes, and The Colors.
It is an interactive and easy to use program even for a 4-year old child with minimum or no intervention from parents. All choices are accessible through point-and-click interface.

Colorful illustrations, clear voice, music, and animations are used throughout the program to keep the children involved and entertained while learning the language.

Arabic School comes with its own set of educational games which are designed to build a magnitude of skills in the child. These games are specifically tailored to the age group intended for this program (4 to 8 years). They are used to reward children when they do well in any of the twelve exercises and quizzes.

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Format iso.rar / Size: 18mb / Arabic software
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Unified Medical Dictionary English-French-Arabic


Unified Medical Dictionary / Dictionnaire Médical Unifié
القاموس الطبي الموحد


Operating system: PC Windows Languages: English / Arabic / French Size: 195.rar/ MB
Format: Searchable CD-ROM
Publisher Information: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION 2005

اكبر قاموس طبي لكل التخصصات الطبية (طب بشري – بيطري – صيدلة – أسنان – تمريض ) مدعم بكم هائل من الصور والمفاجاة الكبرى انه من منظمة الصحة العالمية ويمكنك الترجمة بين ثلاث لغات (العربية والانجليزية والفرنسية )

The Unified Medical Dictionary (UMD) is a Multilingual Medical Dictionary, which was originally compiled in the late 1960s and early 1970s on response to a recommendation of the Arab Medical Union. Subsequently, two further editions were issued, the last of which (UMD third edition, 1983) included French terms.
The Council of Arab Health Ministers then asked WHO/EMRO to update the previous edition. An editorial committee of experts was set up with Dr M.H. Khayat as the rapporteur to further verify and enrich the Unified Medical Dictionary on a regular basis. In the late 1980s Dr Khayat took the initiative to prepare a fourth comprehensive edition covering the widest range possible of medical terminology to be made available for users.Read more

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Byki Arabic : Free Language Software

Byki Arabic : Free Language Software
Byki Arabic : Free Language Software
Byki is a powerful and personalized language-learning system. It locks foreign language words and phrases into your memory so that you can recall them perfectly and remember them forever. Put simply: Byki works, it’s smart, and people tell us they can’t stop using it. But don’t take our word for it: download free language learning software, learn user-created lessons online, watch a video about Byki, or hear what real users are saying.

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alshamil : اسطوانة الشامل في تعليم اللغات بطلاقة

Multi languge CD to Learn the Basics of 6 language “English, Arabic, French, dutch , Spanish and Italian “

اسطوانة وبرنامج شامل لتعليم المبادىء الاساسية لـ 6 لغات 

مميزات الاسطوانة

* تسلسل منطقى لتعليم كل لغة على حدى
* طريقة عرض رائعة لكل اللغات الموجودة بالأسطوانة
* صوت نقى وطريقة رائعة فى نطق الألفاظ

* تعليم بالصوت والصوره وباللغه العربية

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414MB | Format .iso

Jannat Al-Huruf 1 الاسطوانة التعليمية: جنة الحروف – المستوى الأول

Jannat Al-Huruf 1  جـنة الحروف – المستوى الأول

: يشتمل البرنامج على 

  • مقدمة غنائية عن الحروف.
  • تعليم شكل الحرف ونطقه.
  • تعليم طريقة كتابة الحروف.
  • كلمات مصورة لكل حرف.
  • أغنية ألف …باء
  • تعرف على الأسرة والألوان والطريق.
  • 28 أغنية، لكل حرف أغنية.

File: CD-ROM  / Size276 MB 

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