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Arabic – Spanish Archive

Al-Muin Spanish-Arabic Dictionary المعين

    Al-Muin Spanish-Arabic Dictionary  قاموس المعين عربي اسباني This dictionary is designed for all those users who have been waiting for a dynamic Spanish dictionary, as it not only gives the meanings of Spanish words in

Diccionario Arabe-Espanol – قـاموس عربي اسبـاني

    Diccionario Arabe-Espanol – قــاموس عربي اسبــاني Soliman, Ola Abdel Hamid. علا عبد الحميد سليمان This dictionary is a monolingual dictionary intended for speakers of the Spanish language. It is a useful tool for Spanish students

Al Mawrid (Arabic-Spanish Dictionary)

    Al Mawrid (Arabic-Spanish Dictionary)    المورد قــاموس عـربي اسـبــاني Built on Al-Mawrid Arabic-English Dictionary, a group of specialists in Arabic and Spanish as well as English worked on the preparation of this dictionary. The same methodology

Diccionario arabe-espanol avanzado

    Diccionario avanzado árabe قاموس عربي – اسباني مٌوَسَّع Advanced Arabic-Spanish Dictionary Herder‏ Este diccionario recoge el fruto de mas de decadas de experiencia docente e investigadora de su autor, catedratico de Estudios Arabes e Islamicos

Diccionario de Arabe culto moderno / Modern Cult Arabic Dictionary

Arabic Spanish dictionary Diccionario de arabe culto moderno Modern Cult Arabic Dictionary  (Biblioteca Romanica Hispanica) Julio Cortes  El Diccionario de árabe culto moderno de Julio Cortés es el diccionario que faltaba en la bibliografía española de los