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Teach Yourself Books:Colloquial Arabic ( Egyptian Arabic )

Teach Yourself Books: Colloquial Arabic
By  T.T.Mitchell

This book has been prepared for those who wish to make everyday use of the living language of modern Egypt and for those who would like to add a colloquial Arabic to their knowledge of languages. Its subject is Cairene Arabic, the form of Egyptian colloquial Arabic spoken in Cairo which sets the standards for modern Egyptian usage

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Author: T.T.Mitchell / Date: 1962 / PDF (34,5 MB) – 123 pages Languages: English – Egyptian Arabic

An Arabist’s guide to Egyptian colloquial

An Arabist’s guide to Egyptian colloquial

Arriving in Cairo for the first time in June 1971, I had two years of Arabic study to my credit, yet I was unable to say anything or understand more than a word here and there… I was unprepared to deal with the language that Arabs actually speak…. To master the Cairene dialect, I acquired a battery of grammars and attended classes at the Center for Arabic Study Abroad [at the American University of Cairo]…. How sensible it would be, I often reflected, if someone prepared a handbook of Egyptian colloquial for those of us already trained in Written Arabic. So often did I bemoan the absence of such a book that my friends eventually insisted that I undertake the project myself. I wrote the book during my final months in Cairo, in the spring of 1973..

Author: Daniel Pipes  Publisher: Daniel Pipes/FSI  Publication date: 1983
Number of pages: 68  Format : PDF  Size: 8,17MB

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Egyptian Colloquial: 18 Lessons For Beginners (Audio Book )

Egyptian Colloquial: 18 Lessons For Beginners

Egyptian Colloquial: 18 Lessons For Beginners

Table of Contents
Egyptian Arabic Lesson 1

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 2
Are you a student?

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 3
What is this?

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 4
What time is it?

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 5
I have a big red car!

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 6
Tere is a party tonight!

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 7
Where are you going?

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 8
I’m not very hungry

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 9
What about this weather?

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 10
Adil’s Schedule

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 11
Isn’t there one bigger than this?

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 12
See you tonight!

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 13
How do I get to the museum?

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 14
How long have you been in Egypt?

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 15
My throat hurts!

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 16
Poor Donkey!

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 17
Say hi to him for me!

Egyptian Arabic Lesson 18
If he has good grades…

36 MB / PDF + MP3 / Language: Egyptian Arabic / publishier unknown

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PDF +MP3 36MB : 

Египетский арабский диалект اللهجة المصرية العربية العامة

Египетский арабский диалект
اللهجة المصرية العربية العامة


The book has a lexical-grammatical and phonetic spelling of the Egyptian dialect (colloquial Arabic) advanced the Egyptians, including Arabic letters.  it can be used as a Guide and as a textbook. However it’s more designed designed for people wishing to speak freely with the Egyptians , interpreters, teachers and university students who study literary Arabic and its dialects, travelers and experts who travel not only in Egypt but also in other Arab countries. [Google translation]
Книга имеет лексико-грамматический и фонетический набросок египетского арабского диалекта (народного разговорного арабского языка) прогрессивных египтян, включая его арабское послание. Конечно, может употребляться и как самоучитель, и как учебное пособие. Впрочем, предназначается для лиц, желающих свободно разговаривать с египтянами на данном языке, переводчиков, учителей и учащихся ВУЗов, изучающих литературный арабский язык и его диалекты, путешественников, экспертов, выезжающих не только в Египет, но и в иные арабские державы, или свободно общающихся с египтянами, и еще для армейских советчиков.

author : А. Г. Багиров  | Издательство: Поматур  | Pages : 283  | Date : 2006

Format : DJVU    | Size: 7,38 Мб  | Language : Arabic / Russian

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Lexique Arabe dialectal Egyptien Francais


Lexique Arabe dialectal Egyptien Francais

Dictionary Egyptian Arabic/French and French/Egyptian Arabic, with a list of contemporary expressions. Arranged by radicals, but also has a alphabetical list of words where the radicals may be difficult to find.

A very solid piece of work, which I found strolling along some uncharted paths of the Internet wilderness, just enjoying the view. I picked it up, put it in my pocket, and only took it out days later, to see that this really is a gem. Don’t know quite where I found it, and the authors forgot to sign it.

It is evidently a relative recent work. If someone knows the name of the authors, please let us know, they do deserve credit.

Ce lexique est consacre a l’arabe dialectale du Caire, qui est vehicule dans tout le monde arabe par les chansons, le cinema, la radio et la television. Il s’adresse a un public amoureux du culture en general, et de l’Egypte en particulier, suffisamment motive pour avoir fait l’effort de s’initier a l’ecriture arabe et soucieux de ne pas se laisser derouter par l’extreme permeabilite de la cloison – si cloison il y a – qui separe le dialectal du litteral.”

Number of pages: 559  Format: RAR/PDF  Size: 6.2 MB

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