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Learn The Language of the Holy Qur’an


Learn The Language of the Holy Qur’an

This work represents a life-long efforts in leaching Arabic and developing educational material based upon the Qur’an- This textbook along with its companion volume The Vocabulary of The Qur’an (A dictionary of the Quranic Arabic words and terms) constitutes a major contribution of the author to the teaching of Arabic language and understanding of the Qur’an.

This revised and enlarged edition is a major improvement on its previous publication- Since its first publication the textbook had not been revised and a need was felt for a thorough revision to make some necessary corrections, incorporate new ideas by the author and discerning readers, make further additions, improve type setting quality and graphic presentation and to make the transliteration system consistent with the present standard of the Library of Congress System,

Arabic Reader by Chaim Rabin

Arabic Reader
Arabic Reader by Chaim Rabin

This reader is intended as an introduction to modern literary Arabic for those who have already acquired a grounding in the accidence and elementary syntax of the Arabic language.
Modern literary Arabic is identical grammatically with the classical idiom of the Koran, and in style and vocabulary differs from it no more than our English from that of Shakespeare. It has, however, undergone a rapid development in the last few decades, since it has been made to serve as a vehicle for Western ideas and modes of thought. For this reason, most of the extracts in this book are from works written later than 1930, and hardly any earlier than 1920. All are by authors of repute and represent literary style, as distinct from journalese. It is hardly necessary to state that this little book makes no claims to be an anthology of modern Arabic literature.

The extracts have been made short enough to be conveniently read one at a time even by a beginner. Wherever necessary, the original texts have been condensed, and the paragraphing and punctuation changed.
The texts are printed without vowel-signs, like any ordinary book or newspaper, but all vowels are indicated in the vocabularies or m the notes. The only exception to this are the case and mood vowels (i’rab) إعراب, which the Arab normally omits in feading aloud. The student is advised to read each piece aloud with constant reference to the vocabulary and notes, until he is quite sure of getting the vowels right. In some cases it may be helpful to copy out the text and fill in the vowels in writing. But the reader must remember that he cannot be said to have studied a passage before he can read and translate it in its unvowelled form.

ISBN-13: 978-0853310044 ISBN-10: 0853310041 Size: 24MB | Author:Chaim Rabin | 1986

We Speak Arabic


Мы говорим по-арабски

We Speak Arabic َ  نَحْنُ نَتَكَــلَّمُ الْعَـرَبِيَّـة  Nahnu natakallam al3arabiya
  This Is Russian Arabic book But from page 62 to the end of the book it is all in Arabic

The book is for students who can read Arabic without diacritic as most of the reading texts don’t have tashkeel. Featuring ease of presentation, The lessons are designed for  a class with a teacher. It provides basic information on the grammar of the Arabic language, reading provides simple and complicated texts in each lesson, as well as intensive vocabulary arranged by topic.


Publisher:2002 | St. Petersburg Oriental Studies  5-85803-209-5, 5-94545-013-8 | Author: Olga Frolova | Languages: Russian
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Arabic Made Easy by Abul Hashim

Arabic Made Easy
Arabic Made Easy by Abul Hashim


The book is intended to help learn the Arabic language within the shortest possible time without the least interference with normal life and work. Thorough study of one lesson a week will give working knowledge of Arabic language in fifteen months. Each lesson must be mastered before the next lesson is studied.
Learning a foreign language requires a general idea of grammar. In this book the rules of grammar have been presented in the simplest forms with illustrations to make it easy to understand.
It is expected that the book will give a basic knowledge of Arabic language and will enable the readers to make further study of Arabic language and literature with the of Arabic dictionary.

Author: Abul Hashim
Publisher: Kitab Bhavan  | Date: 1992  Pages: 328
Format: PDF (readable)   |    Size: 39.19MB (38.54MB)
Target language: Arabic   |   Source language: English

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Elementary and Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic

Elementary and intermediate Modern Standard Arabic:
Elementary Modern Standard Arabic: 
Volume 1, Pronunciation and Writing; Lessons 1-30
Volume 2, Appendices;Lessons 31-45

Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic (revised edition) 

The Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Course (EMSA) is the premier introduction, for the English-speaking student, to the active written language of the contemporary Arab world. Expressly designed for the beginning student, the course is written by a team of Arabic language teachers consisting of native and non-native Arabic speakers, linguists and people whose primary interests are literature and allied areas. It implements an audio-lingual approach to language teaching while presenting the elements of Modern Standard Arabic as written and spoken in the contemporary Arab World. Volume 1 is complete in itself and presents a practical introduction to the writing system of Arabic and to its pronunciation, with reading and writing pronunciation drills. Thirty lessons provide a basic working knowledge of Arabic. Each lesson contains a text, a vocabulary, grammar and drills including oral and written comprehension passages. An Arabic-English glossary completes the volume. The course continues in Volume 2, which extends the knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and expression. Fifteen further lessons are followed by appendices which give reference information.

Cambridge University Press | Pages: 1983 | PDF |  | MP3 :128 kbit /s

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(Elementary 1 | Elementary2| Intermediate )
3 Volumes All-in-one eBook PDF (190.44 MB)

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