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Moroccan Arabic Intermediate Reader, Vol. 1 and 2

Moroccan Arabic (Intermediate Reader) Vol. 1 and 2

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This intermediate-level reader in Moroccan Arabic is designed to provide:
  (1) a text which will be articulatable with a basic course,
(2) natural language in “advanced colloquial” rather than a literary style, and
(3) material which is culturally insightful.

The cultural aspects represented are those of inter-personal relationships, portraying a typical generation-gap situation. Each lesson consists of pre-drill sentences, text, notes, and questions and other drills. Translations of the pre-drills are at the back of the book. All Arabic material is written in phonemic transcription. The first seven texts of this volume are given in Arabic script in the beginning of the companion volume, “Moroccan Arabic Intermediate Reader, Part II,
The author notes that these two volumes are a preliminary edition

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Diccionario español árabe marroquí / Spanish Moroccan dictionary


Diccionario español árabe marroquí
Spanish – Moroccan dialect dictionary

La Consejería de Gobernación de la Junta de Andalucía ha publicado, en formato electrónico, el diccionario español-árabe marroquí de Francisco Moscoso (2006) . El archivo está en formato pdf. y tiene una extensión de 1.8 Mb. Los interesados pueden descargarlo directamente siguiendo este enlace

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An Introduction to Moroccan Arabic

An Introduction to Moroccan Arabic

An Introduction to Moroccan Arabic
This textbook introduces beginning students to Moroccan Arabic. Consists of three sections: phonology, essential grammar, and conversations. Includes twenty pronunciation drills. Consists of ten units of grammar and ten units of conversations. Concludes with two appendices (one is a verb table, the other a glossary of technical and grammatical terminology), an Arabic-English and English-Arabic lexicon, and a subject index. Taped materials are available.

Author: Abdel-Massih / Format: .Pdf / Size: 25 MB / 438 pages /1973

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Peace corps:Learning Moroccan Arabic ( Textbook )

Peace Corps Training: Learning Moroccan Arabic ( Textbook )Even under the best conditions, learning a new language can be challenging. Add to this challenge the rigors of Peace Corps training, and you’re faced with what will be one of the most demanding—and rewarding—aspects of your Peace Corps experience: learning to communicate to Moroccans in their own language. But it can be done. And rest assured that you can do it. Here are a few reasons why:
You are immersed in the language:
Some people may need to hear a word three times to remember it; others may need thirty. Learning Moroccan Arabic while living and training with Moroccans gives you the chance to hear the language used again and again.
You have daily language classes with Moroccan teachers:
You’re not only immersed in the language; you also have the opportunity to receive feedback from native speakers on the many questions that predictably crop up when one learns a new language.
Peace Corps has over forty years of experience in Morocco:
Your training, including this manual, benefits from the collective experience gained by training thousands of Americans to live and work in Morocco. You will benefit from and contribute to that legacy.Despite these advantages, at times you may still feel like the task of learning Moroccan Arabic is too much to handle. Remember that volunteers  like you having been doing it for decades, however. One of the most rewarding aspects of your time will be communicating with Moroccans in Arabic, surprising them and yourself with how well you know the language. When that time arrives, your hard work will have been worth it.

Basic Introduction to Arabic

This is an extract from the Moroccan Arabic book. You will notice that we did not follow the book page by page. We rather picked some key elements in the book that a beginner can do on his/her own. Page numbers refer to the complete book not this PDF guide. The Arabic readings in these lessons are done by our Language and Culture Facilitators.!AoQwccNiCmNegxhT_WS_SULlO-dg

Moroccan Arabic: A Competency Based Curriculum

Learning Moroccan Arabic

الدارجــة المغربية Moroccan dialect
هـيئة السلام بالمغرب by Peace corps Morocco

Moroccan Arabic: A Competency Based Curriculum, Beginning & Intermediate Students

 The textbook in introductory and intermediate Moroccan Arabic is designed for the language and cultural training of Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco and is intended for both teacher and student use. The contents and design are based on a competency-based curriculum model. An introductory section presents general principles for use of Arabic script and for Moroccan Arabic phonology and transliteration, and contains 16 pronunciation drills. Each of the subsequent lesson outlines contains a topic, performance objective, cultural notes, vocabulary list with Arabic script and English transliteration, linguistic structures, and grammar notes. Lesson topics represent a variety of daily living skills and activities, including greetings and introductions, giving and getting personal information, money, travelling, discussing personal experiences, making plans, asking clarification, shopping, bargaining, using the telephone, using postal services, hotels, food and meals, making tea, dealing with local authorities, explaining Peace Corps work, personal interests, invitations, discussing acceptable behavior, and health and illness. Appended materials include cultural information about holidays and festivals, etiquette, idioms and social situations, notes on conjunctions, prepositions, and noun and adjective derivation, a verb list, and meaning and spelling of common names. (MSE)
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