Langues Pour Tous – Arabe en 40 leçons MP3


Langues Pour Tous – Arabe en 40 leçons [Languages For All – Arabic in 40 lessons]
Author: Boutros Hallaq
This is the audio support, ripped from 3 cassettes, of Langues Pour Tous – Arabe en 40 leçons.
This book was later published with the title Parlez arabe en 40 leçons: no change in the text as far as I know, but the typography is much improved and the text much readable. Among other reasons, it’s why I decided not to scan the old book. But a scan of a more recent edition would be welcome.

Format: mp3 (ripped from cassettes, but good quality)
Size: 166 MB / Publisher: Presses Pocket  / Publication date: 1998?

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Thank you.
The Audio lessons of ‘Arabe en 40 lecons…’ on mp3 are clear, lively and very helpful.
Would you reconsider scanning the old book if the new one is not available?