Culture and Customs of Jordan

After a solid overview of the land, people, and history in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 covers religion. Jordan is still a conservative Muslim state, with a Sunni Muslim majority, that retains good relations with its citizens of

Culture Shock! Egypt: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette (Culture Shock! Guides)

CultureShock! Egypt is invaluable to anyone who wants to blend into life in the country whose existence revolves around the River Nile. Containing much insight about the Egyptian people the class system, the importance of family, their

Al-Mawsim al-Arabi (The Arabic Season) المــوســم العربـي

Al-Mawsim al-Arabi (The Arabic Season)  المــوســم العربـي مستوى الشهادة العــامة للتعليم ـ القسم الأولي ـ A textbook for Advanced Subsidiary (AS) PART ONE: Chapter 1: Grammar and the addition of short vowels/diacritical marks Chapter 2: The other