We Speak Arabic


Мы говорим по-арабски

We Speak Arabic َ  نَحْنُ نَتَكَــلَّمُ الْعَـرَبِيَّـة  Nahnu natakallam al3arabiya
  This Is Russian Arabic book But from page 62 to the end of the book it is all in Arabic

The book is for students who can read Arabic without diacritic as most of the reading texts don’t have tashkeel. Featuring ease of presentation, The lessons are designed for  a class with a teacher. It provides basic information on the grammar of the Arabic language, reading provides simple and complicated texts in each lesson, as well as intensive vocabulary arranged by topic.


Publisher:2002 | St. Petersburg Oriental Studies  5-85803-209-5, 5-94545-013-8 | Author: Olga Frolova | Languages: Russian
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