A Course in Levantine Arabic


A Course in Levantine Arabic

A Course in Levantine Arabic
by Ernest McCarus, Handi Qafisheh, Raji Rammuny. 1978. 335 pages.


Course in Levantine Arabic was first prepared in 1974 and then revised in 1978. The revised edition incl udes a few additions, corrections and reorganization of some of the materials, particularly the glossaries of the last five units.
The present revision, like the first edition, is designed for college students and business and government employees who intend to use Levantine Arabic for travel , business or government service. Although the dialect taught here can be used and clearly understood in Beirut and Damascus, it represents basically the Pal estihian dial ect as spoken in Jerusalem. Wemuststress here that the dial ect taught is not pure Jerusalemdial ect, and reflects recent borrowings from both rural Palestinian dialects and literary Arabic. For this reason, alternative pronunciation of some words and expressions are provided where necessary.


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