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Language transfer : Egyptian Arabic

Language transfer : Egyptian Arabic Arabic and all Semitic languages offer a fascinating mechanism to interpret and express the reality we share! This course focuses on Cairene (Egyptian) Arabic, but gives a perspective on the language no

Egyptian Arabic Grammar + Egyptian Arabic Dictionary

Egyptian Arabic Grammar + Egyptian Arabic Dictionary This document is a concise reference to grammar for people who are learning the spoken Arabic of Egypt. It is intended to be used alongside other study aids available free of

Teach Yourself Books:Colloquial Arabic ( Egyptian Arabic )

Teach Yourself Books: Colloquial Arabic By  T.T.Mitchell This book has been prepared for those who wish to make everyday use of the living language of modern Egypt and for those who would like to add a colloquial

Najdi Arabic: Central Arabian

Najdi Arabic: Central Arabian The region of Najd in Central Arabia has always been regarded as inaccessible, ringed by a belt of sand deserts, the Nafud, Dahana and the Rub’ al-Khali and often with its population at

Iraqi Dialect Familiarization Course

  Iraqi Dialect Familiarization Course This is a 180 page Course book and exercises plus a separate 36 page Glossary to learn the Iraqi Dialect.  “The main objective of this course it to save lives.  The course evolves