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Harakat برنامج لتشكيل النصوص تلقائيا

  Harakat  Multillect, LLC  برنامج لتشكيل النصوص تلقائيا The biggest issue with reading texts in Arabic today is absence of diacritics, which identify short vowels and are very important in defining the correct meaning of a word.

ACON: The Arabic Verb Conjugator

ACON: The Arabic Verb Conjugator Whether you are a student or a seasoned speaker of Arabic, you are by now aware that Arabic verb conjugation tends to get complicated. With the various conjugation types and paradigms and

Sakhr English Arabic Dictionary قاموس انجليزي عربي

Sakhr English Arabic/Arabic English Dictionary 2006-2007 قاموس صخر The Dictionary 2007 انكَليزي عربي – عربي انكَليزيSakhr Dictionary 2007, Saker Software, Special Version, 2006- 2007.برنامج سهل الاستعمال من ميزاته انه يعطيك المعاني الشاملة للكلمة . ضع الكلمة بالانجليزية

Free Tashkeel Software “Mishkal برنامج تشكيل النصوص”مشكال”

Free Tashkeel Software “Mishkal  مشكال ” برنامج تَشْكِيلُ النُّصُوصِ الْعَرَبِيَّةِ” Free open source Software will help you “vowelize” your Arabic text, just put the text you want to put harakat on and click the button “تشكيل ” you are done, This

Learn Arabic – Gengo WordPower Audio Course for Mac

Learn Arabic – Gengo WordPower Audio Course for Mac This Mac Learn Application software is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and later. Please check your current operating system before purchasing. Rapidly Master More than 1000 of the