A Dictionary of Juba Arabic and English


A Dictionary of Juba Arabic and English
Author: Smith, Ian; Ama, Morris Timothy
Publisher: The Committee of the Juba Chesire Home and Centre for Handicapped Children
1985 / pages: 229 / PDF / 14.1,2MB[info.jpg]
Though not claiming to be definitive, this is a rare and important publication on Juba Arabic, sometimes known as Creole Arabic, a language spoken in the Juba region of southern Sudan, and used more widely as a tool of communication in the towns and villages of the Equatoria region, in the Bahr al Ghazal and Upper Nile regions, as well as by a considerable number of refugees originating in the area, who have left for other countries. Juba Arabic is not a standardised or uniform language – necessarily creating problems in determining the criteria for inclusion of items in the dictionary. It is therefore an important work incorporating formal research into the language.

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