A dictionary of Oriental quotations (Arabic and Persian)


A dictionary of Oriental quotations (Arabic and Persian)

Author: Claud Field / S. Sonnenschein / 1911 / pages: 362 /15 Mb Pdf/22 Mb DjVu
Language: English

In presenting these specimens from the still hitherto largely unworked mines of the Orient, the compiler desires to thank warmly the following Oriental scholars who have allowed him to make use of their translations : Sir C. J. Lyall, K.C.S.I., Professor Margoliouth of Ox- ford, Professors Browne and Nicholson of Cambridge, Mr. Whinfield, and the owners of the copyright of the late Col. Wilberforce Clarke’s works. He also wishes to thank Messrs. Kegan, Paul, Trench & Co. for allowing him to quote from Redhouse’s translation of ….





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