ACON: The Arabic Verb Conjugator


ACON: The Arabic Verb Conjugator

Whether you are a student or a seasoned speaker of Arabic, you are by now aware that Arabic verb conjugation tends to get complicated. With the various conjugation types and paradigms and the rules about double-lettered roots and weak roots… it is easy to lose track of everything.

ACON is a verb reference tool, powered by a real Grammar Engine that automatically conjugates verbs. Let us repeat that: it actually conjugates the verbs that you input by applying Arabic grammar rules!

Unlike other so-called conjugators, ACON does not rely on a fixed list of conjugations. Look up the conjugation for the verb that you need, instead of browsing through lists of “similar verbs” in other apps or printed reference books. In that sense, ACON is more like a calculator. It will even allow you to conjugate fictional verbs, which is great for experimenting.

ACON is available as ACON Online and ACON App. ACON Online is free to use but has limited functionality compared to ACON App. If you are serious about learning Arabic or if you are a teacher or a language professional, we strongly recommend that you get the App. You might want to look at the ACON App page to see an overview of what its advantages are.

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