Advanced Standard Arabic through Authentic Texts

Advanced Standard Arabic through authentic texts and audiovisual materials
  اللغة العربية للمراحل المتقدمة
من خلال نصوصوموارد سمعية بصرية أصيلة

Instructional materials for use in advanced Arabic second language instruction are presented in two separately-bound parts. The first contains 28 lessons on a wide variety of subjects using a series of authentic texts, all in Arabic. These texts include personal and formal correspondence, short stories, essays, plays, poems, proverbs, and excerpts from speeches and panel discussions. All texts are abridged but unedited authentic printed material. The second part contains 14 units based on authentic audiovisual materials including tape recordings of live speeches and lectures, television series, short stories based on Arabic proverbs, videotaped speeches and lectures, and short films. Only the printed transcriptions are included here; all are in Arabic. The two parts can be used separately or together; ten units in part one correspond to ten units in part two. The lessons are presented in four stages: (1) pre-reading/listening/viewing, to activate background knowledge and topic familiarity; (2) reading/listening/viewing, to reveal general meaning and underlying sociocultural references; (3) evaluation, with opportunities to review linguistic and non-linguistic items; and post-reading/listening/viewing, to involve learners in using Arabic to discuss the topic critically and apply learning to other situations. Instructional activities encourage collaboration and negotiation of meaning, and require oral and written practice. (Author/MSE)

Author: Raji M. Rammuny     Publisher: University of Michigan Press Publication date: 1994     ISBN: 9780472082612    Number of pages: 344

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