Arabic reading lessons: consisting of extracts from the Koran


Arabic reading lessons: consisting of extracts from the Koran, and other sources, grammatically analysed and translated; with the elements of Arabic grammar

It will be observed that this little Work is properly divided into three Parts. The first is an Elementary Grammar ; the second, an Analytical Eeading Book ; and the third, Grammatical Exercises.The beginner is recommended to acquaint himself with the first eleven sections of the Grammar, taking particular care first to obtain a thorough knowledge of the powers of the letters. He should then commit the regular conjugations to memory. A moderate acquaintance with
the Grammar, thus far, will enable the learner to proceed with the Analysis. But here he cannot too carefully attend to the references made to the first portion of the Work. By an adherence to this plan of study, he will easily attain sufficient knowledge to enable him to avail himself, with ease, of works which treat upon the Arabic language more…

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