Arabic simplified: a Practical Grammar of written Arabic in 200 lessons: with exercises

Arabic simplified: a Practical Grammar of written Arabic

شيئا فشيئا Arabic simplified :
A practical grammar of written Arabic in 200 lessons : with exercises, test-papers and reading-book

There are 200 Lessons in this course, which should cover the ground required by students for both Elementary and Advanced Exams, no other grammar being required.

It will be found that after the first few lessons the exercises are more interesting and longer, and the subjects more varied ; while the Reader contains selections from books and newspapers.

Since this course is intended to be a practical one, the subject of our study being “Modern Written Arabic,” we leave the differing colloquials to those who have made a special study of
spoken dialects, but all words given in the text or in the exercises will be found to be in practical use to-day : this is a strong point.
Our aim is to teach the Student, whether missionary, military, educational, or commercial, to read, e.g., a daily newspaper.

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