Arabic Survival Linkword ( Dialect Transliteration)

Arabic Survival Linkword ( Dialect Transliteration)
This course is designed to get you to pick up, in a single day, an extensive targeted vocabulary which will enable you to communicate in useful situations you are likely to meet in Saudia Arabia – or any Arabic speaking country – such as in the restaurant, at the hotel, travelling, shopping, in emergencies and so on. It is ideal, therefore, if you have to be in an Arabic speaking country tomorrow or next week on holiday or business, or for the student who wants to acquire an extensive vocabulary rapidly. You can even learn a useful amount on the plane!
You will now be given a series of Arabic words. It will take you little more than a minute to see for yourself how quick and easy it is to learn. The words just stick in your memory without effort through VISUAL ASSOCIATION!
Arabic words will be presented like this:
The Arabic word for DUCK is BOTTAH.
You must picture covering a DUCK with BUTTER, as vividly 
as you can for 10 seconds.
Learn a Arabic word in 10 seconds!
The Arabic word forFISH is SAMAKAH[sah-mack-ah]To remember, just imagine…
Imagine you cover a duck with butter.The Arabic Word for FISH is SAMAKAH
Imagine you smack a fish.The Arabic Word for DATE (the FRUIT) is TAMARAH
Imagine wanting a date tomorrow.

The Arabic Word for BANANA is MAUZAH
Imagine you give a mouse a banana.

The Arabic Word for FOOD is MA’KAL
Imagine St. Michael is the provider of food.

The Arabic Word for COFFEE is GAUAWAH
Imagine you go away for coffee.

The Arabic Word for MILK is HALEEB
Imagine I leave the milk behind.

The Arabic Word for EGG is BÁYDAH
Imagine the buy the eggs in the market.

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