Basic Gulf Arabic: Base on Colloquial Abu Dhabi Arabic

A Basic Gulf Arabic

A Basic Gulf Arabic:
Base on Colloquial Abu Dhabi Arabic

دروس في تعلم العربية المحكية في الخليج العربي

This volume, developed for an introductory course in Gulf Arabic, utilizes the dialect of Abu Dhabi, a leading member of the Federation of Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. Although specifically developed for the University of Arizona Environmental Research Laboratory personnel, it can be used as a beginning textbook for college students and petroleum companies whose interests are linguistic, historical, economic, political, or social.

Each of the 22 units contains:
(1) a dialog or basic text built around a single topic of interest,
(2) a translation of the text into English,
(3) new vocabulary occurring in the text,
(4) additional vocabulary related to the vocabulary in part three,
(5) new grammatical points in the text,
(6) pronunciation (included in the first 9 units only), and
(7) practice drills. Unit 15 provides a review, and an Arabic-English glossary is appended

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