Books for children in Arabic كتب عربية للاطفال

[Books+for+children+in Arabic+كتب+عربية+للاطفال]

Books for children in Arabic كتب عربية للاطفال

مجموعة لا بأس بها من الكتب بالعربية للاطفال تدور حول قصص لجحا و الف ليلة و ليلة وغيرها من قصص الاطفال ثم تجدون كتبا عن الصحابة الكبار و المعارك الاسلامية و العلماء العرب و العجم و عوالم الحيوان و النبات و الاختراعات العلمية

Here a great collection of books, for children telling about ordinary children tales, 1001 nights tales, great Sahaba, scientists, animals, plants or scientific discoveries. For your children or for you. Many of these books I read them when I was child, so it’s funny to find them today.
DJVU | Arabic | 186 books | Several authors and editors, no possible classification | 226MB 

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Can you please give these book where we do not have to have a premium account for rapid share PLEASEEE>>

Insha allah later i will upload them in other links,
You can dowload book by book from direct links here:

Abu Yassir


It’s impossible to download from your link (freearabic). It cuts after few minutes. Can you fix the trouble? Thanks.