Communal Dialects in Baghdad + Christian and Jewish Iraqi dialect [3books]
Communal Dialects in Baghdad
Author: Haim Blanc / Publisher: Center for Middle Eastern Studies Date: 1964 / 31 MB / Language: English with Iraqi Arabic
Haim Blanc’s classic and unsurpassed treatment of the different varieties of Arabic spoken by the Jewish, Muslim and Christian population of Baghdad.
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Christian Arabic of Baghdad
Author: F. Abu-Haidar / Publisher: Wiesbaden /1991 Language: English, Iraqi Arabic pdf / Size: 47 MB / pages: 202
An important study of the Christian Arabic dialect of Baghdad. As with other books of the series, it starts out with a description of phonology and morphology, culminating in an interesting set of culturally relevant texts, including one on music.
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Jewish Baghdadi Dialect. Studies and Texts in the Judaeo-Arabic Dialect of Baghdad
Author: Jacob Mansour / Date: 1991
Publisher: The Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center
PDF (28 MB) / Language: English with Iraqi Arabic
Jacob Mansour: The Jewish Baghdadi dialect: studies in the Judaeo-Arabic dialect of Baghdad. (Studies in the History and Culture of Iraqi Jewry, 7.) 329 pp., xxi pp. [in Hebrew]. Or-Yehuda: Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center, 1991.
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the links of jewish and christian dialect are exipired

New Links has been added thanks for your notification .

Juan Arrascaeta Benhabib

Hi, the links are dead… Is it possible to get the books again?
Thank you so much!