FSI Modern Written Arabic Volume 2 ( Audio )


FSI Modern Written Arabic Volume 2 ( Audio )Author: A. Nashat Naja, James A. Snow Publisher: Foreign Service Institute

Size: 89.2 MB + 91.8 MB / Arabic MP3 / Date: 1974
Source language: English (only introductions on the audio)

This second volume of Modern Written Arabic builds on the previous volume and is the second step designed to teach members of the Foreign Service to read the modern Arabic press. The student will gain recognitional mastery of an extensive set of vocabulary items and will be more intensively exposed to wider and more complex morphological and syntactic patterns. In lessons 33-48, a series of supplementary sentences are presented to provide repetition and review of vocabulary and grammatical constructions. Longer reading selections and a handwriting section for each lesson are also provided. In lesson 33-50 the printed texts of the handwriting selections are provided for comparison, and after lessons 40, 48, 56, and 64, extensive review sections are provided. In each lesson various grammatical features are introduced in the text. A section of grammar follows the tests and indicates the most important grammatical constructions. The following sections of vocabulary are included: words you can recognize, Arabic proper names, new vocabulary, idioms and expressions, and derivations. (SW)

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Modern Written Arabic 3 Volumes

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