Learning how to read Arabic the Quick way


Learning how to read Arabic the Quick way

Learning how to read Arabic the Quick way اقرأ قراءتي

Preface of the Noble Shaykh Yahya Bin ‘Ali Al-Hajoori
All praise belongs to Allah many abundant praises. And I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped in truth except for Allah alone, He has no partners. I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger.As for what is to follows:

For indeed I have looked through this entitled treatise, “Read my reading” authored by the two noble brothers Abu Hazim and Abu Turaab from Indonesia – May Allah preserve them both—thus I have seen that these two brothers have sacrificed diligently and well in writing a beneficial, simplified way to instruct beginners the elementary stages of reading and writing (i.e. Arabic), as well as something from (the issue) of Tawheed, Tajweed, and beneficial Ad’kaar (i.e. plural for Dhikr).


Thus, May Allah reward them both with good, and may Allah cause them two as well as their treatise to be a benefit and use for the rising generation of students of knowledge (i.e. religious knowledge). Shaykh Yahya Bin ‘Ali Al-Hajoori

The 28th of Jumada Awwal in the year 1425 after the Hijrah


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