Moroccan Arabic Intermediate Reader, Vol. 1 and 2



Moroccan Arabic (Intermediate Reader) Vol. 1 and 2

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This intermediate-level reader in Moroccan Arabic is designed to provide:
(1) a text which will be articulatable with a basic course,
(2) natural language in “advanced colloquial” rather than a literary style, and
(3) material which is culturally insightful.

The cultural aspects represented are those of inter-personal relationships, portraying a typical generation-gap situation. Each lesson consists of pre-drill sentences, text, notes, and questions and other drills. Translations of the pre-drills are at the back of the book. All Arabic material is written in phonemic transcription. The first seven texts of this volume are given in Arabic script in the beginning of the companion volume, “Moroccan Arabic Intermediate Reader, Part II,
The author notes that these two volumes are a preliminary edition


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