Peace Corps: Collection of Mauritanian Arabic Books


Peace Corps: Collection of Mauritanian Arabic Books
حسانية hassaniya

Mauritanian Arabic. Communication and Culture Handbook. Peace Corps Language Handbook Series
A set of instructional materials for Mauritanian Arabic is designed for Peace Corps volunteer language instruction and geared to the daily language needs of volunteers. It consists of introductory sections on language learning in general, the languages of Mauritania, pronunciation of the Hassaniya dialect, and the textbook itself, and 30 lessons on these topics….

Mauritanian Arabic. Literacy (Arabic Version). Peace Corps Language Handbook Series.

An instructional guide to written Mauritanian Arabic contains 20 lessons, each presenting one or more letters of the Arabic alphabet and script. Graded exercises are included. The course is intended to be taught as the first stage in the Mauritanian Arabic training program for Peace Corps volunteers. The manual is entirely in Arabic. (MSE)

Mauritanian Arabic. Teacher’s Handbook. Peace Corps Language Handbook Series…

The teaching guide is designed to accompany a set of instructional materials in Mauritanian Arabic (Hassaniya) for Peace Corps volunteers. It provides information and techniques for language teaching in three volumes: (1) a literacy handbook–a volume of lessons on the Arabic alphabet and script; (2) a communication and culture handbook; and (3) a grammar handbo

Mauritanian Arabic. Grammar Handbook. Peace Corps Language Handbook Series.
A handbook to the grammar of Mauritanian Arabic (Hassaniya) is intended for Peace Corps volunteers, and is designed to focus attention on proper grammatical forms. Lesson topics include the article, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, negation of the implied verb “to be,” noun gender, adjective gender, number, “there is/are and there was/were,” simple sentences, “have/have got,” demonstratives, present tense, interrogatives, imperatives, nouns and adjectives, prepositions, the genitive case, verbs and suffix pronouns (direct object), the future, adverbs, the active participle, indirect object, past tense, relative pronouns, comparative and superlative, past continuous tense, and conditional. Some pronunciation exercises are included. Arabic orthography and English are used throughout the guide. (MSE)


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Shukran, I’m trying to download the last link (Peace Corps Hassaniya (Mauritanian) Arabic (+audio))

and I get this message: “Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access /multimedia/audio/languagelessons/mauritania/ on this server.”

do you know why? 🙁

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