Peace Corps:Tunisia Course in Tunisian Arabic + Dictionary


Peace Corps: Collection of Tunisian Arabic Books + Dictionary

This program of instruction is designed to prepare Peace Corps volunteers to communicate in Tunisian Arabic. The book is divided into 30 units with every fifth unit a review. The basic format for each unit includes the following items:
(1) introduction consisting of dialogs, texts, and/or pictures;
(2) questions on the dialog or text;
(3) notes on the dialog or text;
(4) useful words and expressions;
(5) lexical drills;
(6) structural notes/structural drills;
(7) communication activities; and
(8) writing.
Each unit revolves around a particular subject, such as asking directions, the post office, the market, the family, travel, or the weather. It is intended that each unit take six to eight hours to complete. Throughout the text, Arabic script is used alongside phonetic transcriptions. (Author/JB)

Peace Corps Tunisian Arabic by R. B. Abdelkhader & others, 1988
Peace Corps A Beginner’s Course in Tunisian Arabic by T. B. Amor, 1990
Peace Corps Tunisian Arabic Competency Based Curriculum by A. Choura, 1993
Peace Corps Spoken Tunisian Arabic First Draft by R. J. Scholes & T. Abida, 1966
Peace Corps Course in Tunisian Arabic by R. B. Abdelkhader & A. Naovar, 1979
Peace Corps English-Tunisian Arabic Dictionary.1977

Peace Corps English-Tunisian Arabic Dictionary.

This supplement to the Peace Corps Course in Tunisian Arabic is intended primarily for Peace Corps volunteers, but is also useful to other English speakers who wish to acquire systematically a knowledge of Tunisian Arabic. The dictionary consists of two parts. The lexicon, which begins with a chart of all the phonetic symbols used in the dictionary, explains the main points of Tunisian Arabic grammar. The main body of the work follows, with separate English-Tunisian Arabic and Tunisian Arabic-English sections. The format for entries in the dictionary is explained in an introduction. Each entry in the English-Tunisian Arabic section emphasizes the nuances of meaning of the given Arabic equivalent.



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