Solving Tarkeeb

التركيب في العربية tarkeeb

Solving Tarkeeb

 by Muhammad Huzaifah ibn Adam aal-Ebrahim

Tarkeeb is a purely Indian invention; this should be understood first and foremost, even before we commence with this Kitaab. While it has, over the years, gained a foothold in some Madaaris around the world, it remains widely unknown. Outside of the Indo-Pak subcontinent from whence it originated, the only Madaaris wherein Tarkeeb is taught to the students are those Madaaris which are a) run by people from the Indo-Pak subcontinent, or b) run by people who studied in the Indo-Pak subcontinent.

In the Arab world, Tarkeeb is an entirely foreign concept. This might lead some to believe that it is unnecessary, whereas this is not the case. Tarkeeb is, in fact, a very useful invention which the `Ulamaa of the Indo-Pak subcontinent had added to the glorious Arabic language, and their efforts should not be discarded derisively. Rather than discard it simply because it is unknown in the Arab lands, we should look at the benefit it contains, and how it provides a much greater understanding of the language.

This is a good Kitaab on Tarkeeb/I`raab for beginners.

May Allaah Ta`aalaa make it a means of benefit to myself and all those who read it, Aameen.

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