The student’s dictionary (1884)

The student's Arabic-English dictionary (1884)

The student’s Arabic-English dictionary (1884)

The Author’s aim, in preparing the present volume, has been to provide the English student, at a moderate price, with a Dictionary which would enable him to read, not only Arabic books of a limited vocabulary, as the Qur’an, or of a comparatively easy and familiar style, as the Arabian Nights; but also such other standard works of a wider etymological range, as the Hamdsah, the Mu’allaqnt, and, above all, the Maqdmdt of al-Hariri, which may, with the late Mr. Chenery, be aptly designated as a ” Compendium of the Arabic Language ” in all its intricacies and niceties. The dif&culty of such an undertaking lies in finding the golden mean between a merely alphabetical arrangement, which would swell the book into an inordinate size …



English-Arabic Dictionary:

For the Use of Both Travellers and Students

the object of this book is clearly iudicated by the title : it is intended to be a companion to the Traveller who visits the East for pleasure or business purposes, and a help to the advanced Student who begins to translate from English into Arabic. In the interest of the Traveller, therefore, primary regard is paid to the modern idiom, as it is spoken at the present day, principally in Egypt and Syria. For the benefit of the Student, on the other hand, to still greater extent, recourse has been had to the literary and even poetical Vocabulary ; nay, in order to give a fuller idea of the character and richness of this remarkable …



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