Arabic English Stories For children


Arabic English Stories For Children

A bilingual books for children, has both Arabic text (voweled) and English. Good quality. Perfect for intermediate and advanced.

The stoties for children written by Prof, Kiiany have provided a new opening in the children’s would. He started to publish them over thirty years ago, at a time when a child in our Arab countries even education in general received mighty little attention, and the studies taken were both casual and haphazard. Their was no sign of stability until Prof Kilany entered this field and set up the initial milestones which guided many who followed his footsteps and completed his work,and although we cannot deny these workers their share of credit, nevertheless Prof, Kilany will always be remembered as the pioneer of this art of story * telling. We propose to record here the motives which urged Prof. Kilany to enter this field, and the obstacles which confronted him and how he has surmounted them,

In writing about Prof, Kilany, the first thing a research student should consider, is his exclusive originality in
story * writing, which has given his work unique distinction. Thus, when Prof, Kilany deals with Abul-ala
“Epistle of Forgiveness” he does not only depict its literary value but also brings out its great story-telling value as its outstanding purpose.


 Dimna and Shatraba دمنة و شتربة

Schehrazase The Vizier’s Daughter شهرزاد بنت الوزير

Dindish and the Sparrows Friends دِنــدِش و أصحــاب العصفورة

Shantah’s journey رحلة شنطح

Format: .djvu | Language: Arabic-English  |  Size : 4MB

63 سلسلة ( المكتبة الخضراء للأطفال) كــاملة كتــاب
Books for children in Arabic كتب عربية للاطفال


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