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Madinah Arabic Course for URDU Students

Madinah Islamic University Urdu translation دروس اللغة العــربية للناطقين بالأردية The Arabic Course for English-Speaking Students (Urdu translation)  is a comprehensive and popular course for the teaching of the Qur’anic and Traditional Arabic, originally devised and taught

Communal Dialects in Baghdad + Christian and Jewish Iraqi dialect [3books]

Communal Dialects in Baghdad Author: Haim Blanc / Publisher: Center for Middle Eastern Studies Date: 1964 / 31 MB / Language: English with Iraqi Arabic Haim Blanc’s classic and unsurpassed treatment of the different varieties of Arabic

Simplifying Arabic Grammar by Mahmoud Ziyada

Simplifying Arabic Grammar by Mahmoud Ziyada You want to learn this language and I want to help you in this endeavor. The Arabic language is not very difficult as said. In reality, it is a very rich

Linguaphone: Spoken Egyptian Arabic

Linguaphone – Spoken Egyptian Arabic Linguaphone Institute, 1961 / scanned books PDF / MP3 The Linguaphone Institute have rendered a very great service to the public in preparing this Course of Spoken Egyptian Arabic. This Course will