Language transfer : Egyptian Arabic

  Language transfer : Egyptian Arabic Arabic and all Semitic languages offer a fascinating mechanism to interpret and express the reality we share! This course focuses on Cairene (Egyptian) Arabic, but gives a perspective on the language

Egyptian Arabic Grammar + Egyptian Arabic Dictionary

Egyptian Arabic Grammar + Egyptian Arabic Dictionary This document is a concise reference to grammar for people who are learning the spoken Arabic of Egypt. It is intended to be used alongside other study aids available free of

Madinah Arabic Reader Books

Madinah Arabic Reader Book 1 to 7 (Audio Book) Professor Abdur Rahim’s eight-volume texts enable the student to acquire a knowledge of Arabic in the classical structural form. All of the books teach essential language skills through

الكتب المدرسية ARABIC SCHOOL TEXT BOOKS (Most Important and Most Complete)

        المنهج الشامل لغتي لتعليم اللغة الـعـربيـة Egyptian Students Books الكتب المدرسية المصرية لمادة اللغة العربية Palestinian School Books (Arabic) الكتب المدرسية لمناهج الكويت Kuwait Text Books Year 1-12 مناهج اللغة العربـية الجمهـورية العربية

Solving Tarkeeb

Solving Tarkeeb  by Muhammad Huzaifah ibn Adam aal-Ebrahim Tarkeeb is a purely Indian invention; this should be understood first and foremost, even before we commence with this Kitaab. While it has, over the years, gained a foothold