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Hugo’s Arabic in Three Months

    Hugo’s Arabic in Three Months [Egyptian Arabic , Transliteration only] Now learning a foreign language can be enjoyable as well as challenging, and not require a trip back to the classroom. Available in both book-only

A Dictionary of Egyptian Arabic: Arabic – English

    A Dictionary of Egyptian Arabic Arabic –  English  Author: M.Hinds, E.Badawi Review! I have just moved to Egypt and am trying to learn Arabic. All the previous dictionaries I have seen have been for standard

Defense Language Egyptian Arabic

  Defense Language Egyptian Arabic This is a complete pack books of Defense Language Egyptian Arabic with 15 books This language guide is intended to provide survival-level language skills needed for basic communication only to members of

Beginning Cairo Arabic

Beginning Cairo Arabic 1965 / pages: 309 / PDF 5,48MB

l’arabe parlé au caire

l’arabe parlé au caire Le présent ouvrage s’adresse aux débutants complets en langue arabe et se propose de leur enseigner un vocabulaire utile de 580 mots environ à l’intérieur des structures fondamentales du parler du Caire. L’étranger