Egyptian Arabic Archive

An Introduction to Egyptian Arabic

An Introduction to Egyptian Arabic    by Ernest T. Abdel-Massih. Revised 1981. 405 pages. This volume serves as a formal course text of Egyptian Arabic for college students. It consists of lengthy treatment of Egyptian Arabic phonology;

Aspects of Modern Egyptian Arabic

Aspects of Modern Egyptian Arabic: Its Structure, Humor, Proverbs, Metaphors, Euphemisms and Common Expressions.  The Arabic language used in Egypt is traditionally divided into two major types: classical and colloquial. The idea is that classical or literary

Kallimni ‘Arabi Aktar ( Egyptian Arabic )

Kallimni ‘Arabi Aktar كـلمنـي عـربـي اكثـر MP3 Only An Upper Intermediate Course in Spoken Egyptian Arabic 3 Aimed at the growing number of students studying Arabic worldwide, Kallimni ‘Arabi Aktar takes an innovative, functional approach to the

A Comprehensive Study of Egyptian Arabic 4 Volumes

A Comprehensive Study of Egyptian Arabic (4volumes) A Comprehensive Study of Egyptian Arabic – Volume I by Ernest T. Abdel-Massih and A. Fathy Bahig, in association with El-Said M. Badawi and Carolyn G. Killean. 1978. 454 pages

Let’s Chat in Arabic يا لاه ندردش بالعربي

Let’s Chat in Arabic ( Audio Book )  يــا لاه ندردش بالعربي Yalla Ndardish bilarabi [ Egyptian Dialect ] The authors – professors at American University in Cairo Mona Kamel and Ahmed Hassanein. Books translated into Russian