Egyptian Arabic Archive

The spoken Arabic of Egypt, grammar, exercises, vocabularies

The spoken Arabic of Egypt, grammar, exercises, vocabularies 1905 The new edition has been called for by the publisher in view of the continued demand for the Grammar both in Europe and in Egypt since the first

Egyptian self-taught (Arabic)

Egyptian self-taught (Arabic) : containing alphabet and pronunciation–vocabularies–elementary grammar–idiomatic phrases & conversations–travel talk–money, weights and measures (1914) It has been the fashion since the occupation of Egypt to speak slightingly of the colloquial form of Arabic in

Colloquial Arabic : The vernacular speech of Egypt, Syria

Colloquial Arabic; with notes on the vernacular speech of Egypt, Syria, and Mesopotamia, and an appendix on the local characteristics of Algerian dialect This manual aims at providing an easy guide to the colloquial Arabic of Egypt,

Arabic Proverbs: Illustrated from Their Proverbial Sayings Current at Cairo

Arabic Proverbs THE MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE MODERN EGYPTIANS, ILLUSTRATED FROM THEIR PROVERBIAL SAYINGS CURRENT AT CAIRO IT may be as well to state, that the lectures which are here published were never delivered as a

Say It in Arabic (Egyptian dialect)

Say It in Arabic (Egyptian dialect) Contains over 1,000 useful sentences and phrases for travel or everyday living abroad: food, shopping, medical aid, courtesy, hotels, travel, and other situations. Gives the English phrase, the foreign equivalent, and a